If you have a drain clog, or you’re worried about a clog happening, it’s a relatively simple process to deal with, right? The line just needs to be snaked, the gunk that’s creating the obstruction gets removed, and all’s right with the world. While that sounds straightforward, an unattended clog can get slowly larger due to hair, dirt, and other debris gradually accumulating. Sometimes that clog can become a serious issue, serious enough that having the line snaked simply won’t cut it.

When that happens, hydro jetting can be an excellent solution. Usually an option prior to replacing the lines outright, the hydro jetting process involves water blasted through high-pressure nozzles. The stream can smash through blockages clogging your pipes and lines, enabling the free flow of water. Hydro jetting can be an extreme choice, and when you partner with RooterGuy, we’ll present you with options to allow you to make an informed decision. More than 30 years of experience has allowed us to identify instances when hydro jetting is a smart call, and when it’s overkill.

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